Metrix Needles is a Melbourne based tattoo needle cartridge supplier to tattoo artists and cosmetic tattoo artists.

Each needle is individually packaged and sterilised in EO (Ethylene Oxide) gas to ensure superior hygiene and health standards are upheld.

Our products are manufactured to comply with all Australian health requirements, and are manufactured using precision injection moulding to ensure the medical grade plastic is perfectly fitted with all needle configurations.

Metrix Needles are completely originally designed, engineered and tested alongside elite professional tattoo artists to optimise our needles to suit the industry perfectly. The creation of each need comes along uncompromised quality 316L surgical stainless steel and lead free solder within all needle configurations.

Each needle is perfectly designed for tattoo artists world-wide to experience consistency and quality every time our needle is used.

We are confident that we have designed and developed the ideal tattoo needle cartridge that additionally fits most tattoo equipment used today.

Contact us today to discuss how our tattoo needle cartridges are ideal for your tattoo parlour. We are happy to discuss our products and the benefits they offer. Simply call or email today.